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Family for us is everything. Without family, we would be lost.

But as a team, we have gone through a number of challenges, hurdles and struggles in having our unique approach to family recognised and respected. Throughout our decades of experience, our team’s passion, drive and motivation to strengthen families has been met with resistance in the public sphere as well as amongst professionals.

But with tenacity, perseverance, and ambition to go against the grain, we have all been able to, collectively, create something even stronger – a collective hub of experienced Alternative Dispute Resolution Professionals advocating for resolution to be reached outside of Court. And that’s why our team has created the Peacemakers Awards.

So that you are rewarded for your collaborative contributions to your industry in an effort to change the narrative of what has, in the past, traditionally restricted you in your professional capabilities.

The Peacemakers Awards has been crafted by an Executive Committee and Judging Panel who collectively bring along with them over 170 years of vocalising the need for change.

Throughout our Executive Committee’s experience in resolving disputes, we have come to understand that peace is not just beneficial – it is imperative.

It is essential to build, strengthen and restore relationships whether personal or professional.

We all value the importance of peace in minimising conflict or disruption that seeks to negatively impact on one’s life and we actively encourage those, just like yourself, who are loud and proud about utilising a collaborative approach to facilitate same.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the movement.



Cassandra Kalpaxis